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Location & Time

Heritage Church NW

Thur. Nov 16 - Fri. Nov 17

Thur. 7 PM - 9 PM | Fri. 9 AM - 9 PM

About This Event...

How you believe God feels, and how strongly and specifically you believe what He feels about suffering will influence how you feel and respond to suffering. What you believe that He has done about suffering will influence what you do about it. At Helping the Hurting Conference we will learn how to respond to our commission to confront suffering with the compassion of Jesus Christ.

This conference is intended to increase your comfort and confidence to minister to the hurting. Dr. Davenport will teach on everyday approaches to healing and deliverance. You will gain a greater certainty regarding the will of God toward those who hurt, and come away with simple principles and practical approaches to helping others.

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