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Location & Time

Heritage Church NW

Wed. Sept 20 - Wed. Nov 15

6:45 PM

About This Event...

Financial Peace University is a nine-lesson course that teaches you how to save for emergencies, pay off debt fast, spend wisely, and invest for your future. Change Your Life With Financial Peace University! Say Bye to Debt With Their Proven Plan. Make Your Money Work for You! Learn How to Budget, Payoff Debt, Invest, and More. Win With Money. Dump Debt. Plan For Your Future. Build a Legacy. Communicate in Marriage.


  • Can I share a workbook with my spouse? Yes, Ramsey Solutions lets spouses share a workbook.

  • What is FPU? Financial Peace University, from Dave Ramsey Solutions, is a course that lays the entire foundation for handling money and becoming debt-free. Once a week for nine weeks, you’ll watch a video lesson (each one is about an hour long) and then meet as a group for discussions and activities that drive each lesson home.  For more info click HERE

  • How much are the workbooks? The workbooks are $100.

  • How long is the class? Nine weeks.

  • Who will be teaching? Cory McDaniel - Cory McDaniel is a Managing Member of Laurus Financial, LLC, and is an LPL Financial Planner / Registered Principal, specializing in retirement solutions

  • What other resources does Ramsey Solutions offer? Click HERE for “free tools” listed on the Ramsey website.

  • What if I am an FPU Lifetime Member? The term "lifetime membership" grants FPU alumni the ability to attend any in-person class for free. All you need to do is let the Coordinator of the class – Email Julia Garrison (  --  know that you are a returning member and she will add you to the roster. You have the choice to bring old materials or choose to simply watch the new content and participate in conversations without any materials. Since everyone has their own preference, we do not make a requirement on the type of materials. Options to order a physical copy, download a free interactive digital copy, and/or print off a "printer-friendly" version are now only available through a current Financial Peace membership.

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