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Location & Time

Chautauqua Resort & Conference Center | Long Beach, WA

Fri. Sept 15 - Sun Sept 17

Times: TBA

About This Event...

Heritage Ladies! We are looking forward to being together for our retreat. Our Women's Ministry team is prepping a wonderful weekend of refreshing as we gather for a weekend full of worship & fellowship. In the coming months we will share more details about what to expect at retreat this year. Space is limited, so register soon.


We have made two payment options available. When registering you can choose Full Payment or Deposit + Payments. If you choose Deposit + Payments you are agreeing to pay the remaining balance by August 15 2023. Deposit + Payment is not refundable.

4 Person Room

    • Full Payment: $150

    • Deposit + Payments: $50

2 Person Room

    • Full Payment: $225

    • Deposit + Payments: $75


  • This retreat is specifically for ladies who attend Heritage.

  • When registering you will have the option to share a room with 4 or 2 ladies. There is limited availability for rooms with only 2 ladies so please limit this selection to need rather than preference.

  • In the registration we ask who you would like to share a room with. We will do our best to place people in rooms based on what is requested.

* If you have any further questions about retreat please contact Katie Law HERE

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