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Because family and the next generation matters.  A clear theme has emerged from recent years in rising distress and tension around gender, sexuality, and identity.  Parents long to connect, protect, and love their children well but they also feel stuck, scared, and at times powerless in the face of social media and peer-influences, their teen individuating, and wide-spread mental health issues.  The sense of division not only between generations but also between a child’s views of sexual ethics and a parent’s sexual ethics can seem like a canyon of separation for some families.  Believing and non-believing parents share how they are scared of their child self-harming, having invasive surgeries and hormone treatments, or running-away. These are some of many reasons this event is focused on the relational bond between parents and children. The area of parent-child connection deeply matters, and we are committed to nurturing and protecting this bond in families.


Parents will be equipped with tools, resources, and support. The hope is for parents to leave feeling uplifted with what could be, stretched with new perspectives, and hopeful that they are never alone in raising the next generation.

WHEN: Friday, Aug 19 (6pm - 9pm) - Saturday, August 20 (8am - 4pm)

WHERE: Heritage Church NW | 8803 NE 76th St, Vancouver, WA 98662


COST: $39

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