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At Heritage, Growth Groups are an essential part of how we connect and grow as disciples. We have various types of groups that meet throughout the week across Vancouver and other areas of Clark County. Heritage Growth Groups aim to be a relationally safe and life-giving place where you will grow with others as image-bearers.

Growth groups launch in the Fall and meet through the Winter and Spring seasons.

Take a look below to message a Growth Group leader today!

The ​Four Pillars of Life-Giving Relationships

  1. Abiding in Jesus 

  2. Authentic Trust Building

  3. Joyful-Connection

  4. Truth-telling in love

What Focus Can I Expect in a Group?

Growth Groups are to be discipleship-focused and relationally safe. Growth Groups are about growing together to be more like Jesus for Jesus. Some groups meet over meals to fellowship, pray for one another, play games, and share their week. Some follow peer-reviewed Bible study curriculum (workbooks, videos, etc.) while others integrate practical life skill-building and encourage identity formation. The content and focus of a single group is as unique as the leader(s) and their callings or passions.


As a leader, in addition to seeking guidance from the Lord, a few questions they use to help screen the group’s content and focus are as follows:

  1. Does this mature us toward Christ-likeness?

  2. Does this love and honor every individual of the group?

  3. Does this align with Biblical teachings and values?


Growth Group leaders avoid presenting themselves as teaching authorities of Heritage Church and instead serve as ministry leaders committed to facilitating Christian discipleship. 

Groups vary in age, stage of life, as well as male, female, or a mix that may or may not include children. Please see the group description for more information or message the group leader if you have questions. 

Leaders & Hosts

If you are interested in leading or hosting a Growth Group please contact Director Julia Garrison. If you have space to host but don’t want to lead, or want to lead but don’t have a space to host – please contact Julia to learn more.


  • What if I can’t find a group that fits me?

    • Please contact the Director of Group Ministries and let her know you are searching for a group. Growth Groups are in need of leaders for more age groups, shared life experiences/stages, and content focuses. If you or someone you know wants to start a group please message the Director of Group Ministries to schedule a time to meet.

  • What does it take to be a leader or host?

    • All group leaders, co-leaders, and hosts must…

      • Be devoted disciples of Christ 

      • Be approved members of Heritage Church and actively live-out love, honor, and hope values. (Discover Who We Are)

      • Pass a Heritage Church assigned background check

      • Commit to maintaining life-giving and emotionally safe group dynamics 

      • Please speak with the Director of Group Ministries for a complete leader agreement form. 

  • What if I want to lead, but I don’t have the physical space for it?

    • Whether you live farther away or your space won’t fit a group of people comfortably (or have limited parking, etc.) you may find or seek help finding an approved host. Please contact the Director of Growth Group Ministries to discuss further. 

  •  What is the purpose of Growth Groups?

    • Growth Groups are about growing, together in Godly relationships, to be more like Jesus for Jesus. Growth groups are intended to be relationally safe, life-giving gatherings where individuals experience and practice God’s kingdom and family values (including but not limited to LOVE HONOR HOPE). To be more like Jesus, Growth Group members and leaders commit to regularly and intentionally meeting with one another to be shaped and equipped by His Word, experience God’s goodness, and mature in the unity and power of the Holy Spirit. 

  • Can I join a group if I’m not a member?

    • Yes, you absolutely can join!

  • What if I can't commit to bi-weekly or weekly?

    • While it’s encouraged to make every group time possible, it’s understandable that life and schedules are a real factor to not being able to make every gathering. You may travel for work or have other priorities, for example. You still are absolutely welcome to join! Please just communicate this to your group leader in order to set realistic expectations for your participation. 

  • Can I “try out” different groups?

    • Yes! It’s understandable to try out a few groups before committing. Let the group leader know you’re there to get a taste for things and that you’ll let them know when you decide. In honor, you of course can choose to transfer to a different group at any time. Please just communicate this with the previous and new leader. 

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